Our purpose is to make a positive difference in peoples' lives
with designs of quality and value.
“Simplify, then add lightness” - Colin Chapman, Design Engineer

We believe interior spaces should be physically and socially functional as well as aesthetically beautiful so MayaBlue delivers mindful solutions for interiors by applying a fusion of Western comfort and practicality, and Eastern simplicity and soul.


Design principles


Luxury semi-minimalist design with a focus on functionality and easy-living spaces


Old items with new; clean lines with organic forms


Select handcrafted items that use authentic materials Repurpose Re-use Recycle


Quality over quantity. Include quality craftmanship and items that personalise the space


Connect with nature and bring the outdoors inside


Aromas of nature in the form of incense or essences infused into the space are restorative


MayaBlue Interiors provides interior design, décor and project management services to the residential, hospitality and small business markets, The company is based on the Southern Cape Coast of South Africa but is available to operate across Southern Africa.

Our full-spectrum interior design and project management service includes:

Planning, sourcing, procurement and implementation

Establishing a design theme and style

Space and storage planning

Selecting flooring, wall and window treatments

Selecting lighting, cabinetry, sanware, fixtures and fittings

Furniture layouts and selection

Soft furnishings, décor accessories, art and antiques

Designing and commissioning bespoke furniture

Integrating unique elements

Collaborating with architects, builders, developers, designers and decorators


New Builds


Project Management

Your choice of location and the environment play a special part in the design process. Working with architects and building contractors, we bring your ideas to life; incorporating what’s special to you to align with the way you live and what makes you comfortable.

Existing buildings come with history and stories and memories. We are sensitive in our approach when working in older homes, understanding that many elements are special and may need to be preserved. A key strength is our ability to visualise improvements and adaptations and to make them a reality for you.

With many years of experience in managing a diverse range of contractors and suppliers, we facilitate your project from concept, through planning, selection and implementation to completion. As your project evolves, we'll share regular visual updates on your progress.


"We aim to maximise the flow, function and comfort of interiors, creating harmony and balance."


Home is where our story begins...

it's where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends

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