“Simplify, then add lightness” - Colin Chapman, Design Engineer


MayaBlue delivers mindful solutions for interiors by applying a fusion of Western comfort and practicality, and Eastern simplicity and soul. We work with you to create timeless spaces that make you feel safe, happy and fabulous!


We're about sensory and soulful design and aim to maximise the flow, function and comfort of interiors, creating harmony and balance.



Our first response to spaces is intuitive, followed by thoughtful and considered recommendations.


We collaborate with conscious and caring associates and suppliers to achieve designs of quality and value.




“A space should invoke a feeling and stimulate the senses.”

Our starting point is getting a feel for the space, and consulting with you to understand your vision and requirements.


We provide considered recommendations, and help you visualise them with appropriate drawings, images, plans and layouts. 


We cost and manage the project, as well as source appropriate fixtures, fittings and furniture.


We collaborate with architects, builders, designers, decorators and crafts people to ensure alignment of concept and delivery.

Designing for

New Buildings

Designing for

Existing Buildings



Your choice of location and the environment play a special part in the design process. Working with architects and building contractors, we bring your ideas to life.


We design the interior flow, lighting, flooring, fixtures and fittings – and incorporate special items of importance to you -  to align with the way you live and what makes you comfortable.

Existing buildings come with history and stories and memories. We are sensitive in our approach when working in older homes, understanding that many elements are special and may need to be preserved.


A key strength is our ability to visualise improvements and adaptations and to make them a reality for you.

With many years of experience in managing a diverse range of contractors and suppliers, we facilitate your project from concept, through planning, selection and implementation to completion.

As your project evolves, we'll share regular visual updates on your progress.


"We aim to maximise the flow, function and comfort of interiors, creating harmony and balance."

Mastery in Design 


“I’ve always been fascinated by how an intuitive response to a space,

coupled with a structured approach can result in amazing designs.” 


Tammy Steiner-Munday

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